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The holidays are over the head, and with them comes the delightful task of decking the halls (and doors!). A festive wreath is a timeless symbol of Christmas cheer, welcoming guests and adding a touch of holiday magic to your home. But with so many styles and options available, choosing the perfect modern Christmas wreath can be overwhelming.  

Don't worry —this blog will be your one-stop guide for finding the ideal door décor to match your home style this Christmas!  

Wreaths Styles to Choose From

Let's delve into a delightful selection of Christmas wreaths, each with its own unique charm:  

1. Modern Berry and Pine Wreath: 

Embrace sleek sophistication with a modern Christmas wreath.Imagine a minimalist base of pine boughs adorned with strategically placed clusters of deep red berries and silver ornaments. This wreath exudes a contemporary elegance, perfect for a minimalist or modern home. 

Modern Berry and Pine Wreath

2. 26’’ Ornate Christmas Wreath: 

Go out with a luxurious 26-inch ornate Christmas wreath. Picture a lush base of Fraser fir accented with sparkling gold ornaments, pinecones dusted with glitter, and cascading red ribbons. This opulent wreath is guaranteed to make a grand statement and add a touch of old-world charm to your entryway.

3. Classic Holiday Pine Wreath: 

This versatile option features a base of fragrant Fraser or Douglas fir boughs, creating a natural and inviting atmosphere. For a warm and welcoming touch, you can customize it further with pinecones, cinnamon sticks, or dried orange slices.

4. 24” Christmas Berry Wreath: 

Let the vibrant colors of Christmas shine with a 24-inch Christmas berry wreath. This cheerful wreath features a base of green foliage adorned with abundant bright red berries. It's a simple yet festive option that injects a burst of holiday cheer into any entryway.

5. 24” Contemporary Christmas Wreath: 

Modernize your holiday décor with a 24-inch contemporary Christmas wreath. Imagine a base of mixed greenery, such as eucalyptus and magnolia leaves, accented with metallic ornaments in unexpected shapes. This unique and stylish wreath is perfect for those craving a fresh take on Christmas traditions. 

6. Jingle All the Way Wreath: 

Bring the festive sounds of Christmas to your doorstep with a "Jingle All the Way" wreath. This whimsical option features a classic pine base adorned with many jingle bells in various sizes and finishes. It's a delightful and playful choice guaranteed to put a smile on your guests' faces. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Christmas Wreath:

Now that you've explored these charming options consider these factors to find the perfect wreath for your home:  

  • Homestyle: 

Does your home have a modern, minimalist aesthetic, a classic colonial style, or something in between? Choose a wreath that complements your existing décor. A modern Christmas wreath with clean lines and metallic accents will suit a modern home, while a classic pine wreath with pinecones and ribbons will enhance a traditional space. 

  • Color Scheme: 

When choosing a modern Christmas wreath, consider your existing color scheme. Traditional red and green are always festive, but don't be afraid to explore other color palettes. A silver and white wreath creates a winter wonderland ambiance, while gold and burgundy add a touch of luxury.

  • Personal Taste: 

Ultimately, the perfect wreath is one that you love! Do you gravitate towards playful whimsy or elegant sophistication? Choose a wreath that reflects your personal taste and brings you joy.

  • Durability: 

Consider whether you will be using a live or artificial wreath. Live wreaths offer a beautiful fragrance but require more maintenance. Artificial wreaths are low-maintenance and last for years.

Tips for Picking the Right Size and Style of Wreath for Your Door:

  • Measure Your Door: Before purchasing,  pick  the perfect wreath size for any space . A wreath that is too large or too small will look out of proportion. A good rule of thumb is to choose a wreath approximately one-third the width of your door.
  • Consider Your Door Style: A slimmer wreath might be best for a full-view storm door, while a fuller wreath will dramatically impact a solid wooden door. Also consider the  front door colour before picking your holiday wreaths.

Creative Ways to Use a Christmas Wreath:

Christmas wreaths aren't just for doors! Get creative and use them to decorate other parts of your home:

  • Windows: Hang a wreath on your living room or bedroom window for a festive touch from the inside out.
  • Mantels: Place a wreath on your mantel for a charming holiday centerpiece.
  • Tables: A miniature wreath can add a festive touch to your dining table or coffee table.

Make This Christmas Special with Decorative Wreaths 

The magic of a wreath goes beyond aesthetics. It serves as a symbol of welcome, inviting loved ones, and spreading holiday cheer.  

Here are some additional thoughts to inspire your Christmas decorating:

  • Light it Up: Add a touch of magic with battery-operated fairy lights woven into your wreath. This creates a warm and inviting glow, especially during the evenings.  
  • Match Your Theme: Planning a gingerbread house-themed Christmas? Create a wreath adorned with miniature gingerbread cookies and candy canes! The possibilities are endless, allowing you to personalize your wreath to match your chosen holiday theme.  
  • Layer Your Décor: Don't stop at just a wreath! Create a stunning display by layering your wreath on top of a garland or a festive doormat. Add lanterns or small Christmas trees on either side of your door for a truly grand entrance.   

Bottom Line

A Christmas wreath is more than just a decoration; it symbolizes the holiday spirit. By choosing the perfect wreath and incorporating these creative tips, you can transform your home into a winter wonderland and welcome the festive season with open arms. 

So, get creative, have fun, and make this Christmas special with Wreath's Lane that reflects your unique taste & style and holiday wishes! 

April Ray
April Ray