October 12, 2021 3 min read

Wreaths are chic and elegant, always timeless, and will instantly liven up any space.

When placed on your front door, they give your home’s exterior a pop of vibrant curb appeal, but have you ever thought about getting creative with your wreath displays?

Wreaths are one of the most versatile décor elements and can be displayed in a number of fun, playful, and sophisticated ways throughout your home.

Let’s grab a wreath and get started!

#1. Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Everyone’s favorite gathering place is often forgotten when it comes to seasonal décor, so show your kitchen some love with prominent placement of a cheerful wreath.

Dress up your kitchen windows, especially in the prime spot above the kitchen sink, with wreaths filled with fruit or faux flowers to add some cheerful vibrancy to your space.

Our Lemon Burst Wreath and Sunflower Meadow Wreathare perfect to add an element of unique personality and color to your modern farmhouse kitchen.

#2. Display Your Wreath's Like A Piece Of Art

How about creating a one-of-a-kind piece of sustainable art?

Using repurposed vintage window frames or antique framed mirrors, you can place a wreath in the center or hang it from the top of the frame using your choice of fastener (a clear suction hook will ensure no damage).

Antique shops are filled with window frames that all are unique in their own way, and by simply browsing around you may be able to find your home’s next treasure.

Simple greenery will really pop against the mirrored reflection or vintage weathered panes, such as the elegant arrangement and clean lines of our Lavender Fields Wreath.

Voila! Your new custom piece of art is so easy to create, yet so on-trend that you’ll come off looking like a Pinterest queen.

#3. A Centerpiece For Holiday Dinners

Grab your favorite wreath, add some luxe candles and sprigs of fresh greenery, and you’ll have an elaborate, unique, and fragrant centerpiece for your holiday table.

Our collection of Christmas wreaths can also be hung on the front cabinets of a sideboard buffet to add some festive flair to your holiday hors d’oeuvres spread.

The colors in our Winter Wonderland Wreath will match your guests’ cranberry-infused cocktails perfectly.

#4. Amp Up Your Open Shelving

The best part about open shelves is the opportunity to display your favorite knickknacks, travel mementos, and family pictures for all to enjoy.

You can tuck a wreath in among your open shelves, or even hang the wreath directly on your bookcase, to add some interest and dimension to your holiday decorating.

Our Autumn Fields of Gold Wreath will leave your shelves with a warm, soft, and cozy glow from the bright fall colors.

#5. Don’t Forget The Bedroom

Bedrooms are meant to be a quiet and serene retreat, and it can be difficult to strike the right décor balance of subtle yet classy.

A perfectly placed wreath is a wonderful way to add a little bit of warmth, and you can easily change out the wreath with the seasons.

In fact, for a perfect seasonal wreath and throw pillow combo, check out our Embroidered Thankful Pillow and Autumn Hearth Wreath, the perfect duo to add simplistic elegance to your bedroom.

Looking for more wreath's?

Visit Wreath's Lane to browse our collection of vibrant Everyday Wreaths, festive Christmas Wreaths, and Fall Favorites to dress up your home’s interior in fresh new ways.

We also have home accessories, such as pillows and throw blankets, to up the cozy factor of your home any time of year. For more ideas on creative wreath displays, follow Wreath's Lane on Instagram.

Melissa Wang
Melissa Wang